In the 1990’s Hannah Nydahl initially inspired us to have more educated Western Diamond Way practitioners translating Tibetan Buddhist texts. Pedro and Dorrit Gomez had planned to establish a translation project in Karma Guen, the Diamond Way Buddhist Retreat Center they had founded in Andalucía, southern Spain, in 1987. It became the place where we started engaging in the thorough study, translation and practice of Tibetan Buddhism.

With the help of many dedicated volunteers, first our research library was opened, and then the annual Open Study courses were started by Hannah Nydahl and a few dedicated friends. At Hannah’s request, our senior academic members set up the teaching program and envisioned a future research and translation project. So the International Institute of Asian and Tibetan Studies (ITAS) was established. Since 2004, many translators and researchers have started their academic education here. Some have gone on to do PhDs and to interpret for Tibetan teachers.

This project is under the spiritual guidance of Thaye Dorje, His Holiness the 17th Gyalwa Karmapa, and is dedicated to the memory of Hannah Nydahl.