Work in progress

All translations and titles presented here are works in progress. Some titles might appear differently in different places (in other collections still to be investigated, tables of contents, or in the titles to the texts themselves). The titles themselves are often cryptic or have errors. The titles and content summaries often need to be refined after further investigation of a text. Rather than waiting until all the texts are finished, we decided to publish the titles now and update them as necessary on an ongoing basis.

Organisation of titles

The titles are organised in the volumes in which they appear in the original. The first line of each title shows the English draft translation, followed by the transliteration of the translated Tibetan into Wylie, the standard transliteration system for Tibetan. Some titles are already accompanied by content summaries.

Many proper names, places, and technical terms are presented in the original Tibetan or Sanskrit. Occasionally, Tibetan names are transliterated based on the THL Simplified Tibetan Phonemic Transcription. All Sanskrit terms are given in an easy transliteration without diacritics.